What sends millions of people each year to the self help section of bookstores? Why have major craft and paper retailers, cleared whole sections of their valuable real estate to stock scrapbook materials? Why are enrollments in arts and crafts classes increasing? Why have book clubs become part of the domain of newspapers and national T.V.? Why trading card art?

People are searching for meaning and community. Creative challenges and group interaction are filling that need.

In a gutted Victorian house with little more than a kitchen sink bolstered by a makeshift counter, ten women without formal art education gathered to pursue meaning and community by learning to draw and paint. The teacher of this "band of sisters" was determined to develop an environment and a curriculum that allowed each person to glean whatever she needed from a weekly art class. Together they produced and celebrated art so individual that it was impossible to tell that the resulting paintings came from the same exercise and the same subject on the same night—a very rare thing in an art class of any kind.